Visitor Visa and Visitor Records

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A visitor visa or tourist visa is an entry document, which applicants from non-visa-exempt countries need to obtain before they can travel to Canada. Because it is a highly discretionary decision, all efforts should be made to convince the immigration officer that the traveler is a genuine tourist with genuine intentions. Therefore, no aspects are to be left unexplained.

Broadly, the decision is based on financial and emotional ties with the country of residence, the purpose of visit, past compliance with terms of visa issuance, criminal record, and so on.The visa is just an entry document, which helps to travel to Canada; a visitor record can be issued at the port of entry which permits you to stay in Canada. The duration of stay is generally six months if no dates are mentioned but CBSA officers at the port of entry have the right to change it. The extension of visitor permits can also be applied for from within Canada. It is also called Temporary Resident Visa.