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All charges will be deposited in a ‘trust’ account in advance and transferred to the company account as the service is rendered.
The company will neither guarantee the outcome of your case nor return any earned money in case of an undesired outcome. This is as per ICCRC regulation.
Please always send your documents in ‘pdf’ form on the company email. Documents are not accepted in any other form or through any other communication channel.
You are expected to provide all the documents and explain all the factors affecting your case in the beginning itself with your objective and preferred process. If new information comes into light at a later stage, the retainer agreement will need to be revisited and the professional fee can vary. We reserve the right to refuse to process your application and in that case, money earned till that stage will not be refunded.
All documents must be genuine as providing fake documents or insincere explanations is a case of misrepresentation and the applicant is responsible for consequences.
The applicant is responsible for informing us immediately if any circumstances affecting the application change or any government departments contact you.
We will not entertain any phone, WhatsApp, or similar calls without a mutually agreed-on appointment. However, you can send emails, phone, or WhatsApp messages which we will reply to within a reasonable time -frame.
The information mentioned on this website about different immigration programs is very brief, is only for an overview, and may not be sufficient to apply. A candidate’s profile needs to be assessed in detail by considering all the minor details and other official sources of information. We assume no responsibility for the accuracy at all times and suggest you follow official sources and/or contact a qualified consultant.