Spousal/Dependent Sponsorship(Family Class)

Apply for a Spousal sponsorship Canada

Spousal/dependent sponsorship is one of the most important applications of your life so you should not take any chances. It is a two-stage application wherein in the first stage, the sponsorship application filed by the sponsor is evaluated.

It is automatically an unconditional undertaking that makes the sponsor responsible for the sponsored person financially -in case of social assistance is needed- for a certain number of years depending upon the relationship and age of the sponsored person.There are certain conditions that the sponsor needs to fulfill. In the next stage, the credentials of a sponsored person such as medical and criminal inadmissibility and genuineness of relationship are considered. It is of utmost importance to include all dependents, even if they do not want to move to Canada. Spousal sponsorship has two categories-spousal sponsorship in Canada and family class sponsorship outside Canada sponsorship. Both categories have certain benefits and drawbacks. For example, in an in-Canada application, a sponsored person qualifies for an open work permit whereas, in the outside-Canada application, the sponsor has the privilege to appeal to the Immigration and Refugee Board in case of refusal. You can qualify for the ‘outside Canada’ process, even if the sponsored person is already in Canada. Therefore, the application should be evaluated carefully.